Yoga Nidra for Singers

Yoga Nidra for Singers

Hosted by: Claudia Friedlander

This podcast offers a series of guided meditations to help singers explore the internal workings of their instruments and to enhance the expressive connection between body and mind. While I created this podcast...

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Exploring Feelings as Body Sensations

This is a yoga nidra practice for deepening your awareness of body sensations and their relationship to emotions. This awareness can inform not only the way you express feelings musically, but also the way you...
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Explore & Expand Your Breathing Possibilities

This is a yoga nidra meditation toĀ raise your awareness of your breathing anatomyā€”how it moves, how it feels, and how it functions. Your body knows how to breathe. It breathes for you when you are awake and asleep,...
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Performance Confidence

This is a yoga nidra meditation to deepen your connection with the source of your creativity, and to enhance your experience of making music with and for others. I find that engaging in strategies to enhance...
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Explore & Relax Your Instrument

This is a yoga nidra guided meditation to help you explore and relax your instrument from the inside. If you are new to yoga nidra practice, this episode is a good one to start with to familiarize yourself with the...
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Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to my Yoga Nidra for Singers podcast!Ā  This is a series of guided meditations designed to help singers explore their physical instruments and to strengthen the body/mind connection, in order to practice and...
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