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Claudia Friedlander, DMus 

Voice Teacher, Lecturer, Author



I’m a voice teacher with more than 20 years’ experience helping all kinds of singers master vocal technique. I can say with confidence: You can learn to sing! 


Voice Lessons

I am currently accepting new students, and I invite singers of all skill levels and repertoire styles who are interested in working with me to get in touch. If you love singing and are ready to embrace a comprehensive approach to technique, you will be a great fit for my studio.

All lessons are now online due to COVID-19, so we’ll meet up for a conversation before getting started to make sure you have the tech and other tools you need to get the most out of our time together. Please scroll down for more information about my teaching philosophy and pedagogical approach.


Online Courses

Vocal Fundamentals

I’m delighted to announce the soft launch of my Vocal Fundamentals online course. This is a project I've been developing over the past year or so, although in a sense I've been working on it for decades – I’ve poured everything I know about singing technique into these twenty-four multimedia modules. 

I created this course because I want everyone who wants to learn how to sing to have access to excellent, affordable instruction.  Because our traditional one-hour private lesson teaching model barely provides adequate time for practical training, there is little opportunity to provide students with a comprehensive overview of how it all works. That’s something crucial that a course like this can accomplish.


Articulation for Singers

This self-study course provides tools to condition and coordinate your jaw, tongue, lips, and soft palate so you can move easily and elegantly from sound to sound with consistent resonance when performing song and aria texts. Because our speech habits are so ingrained, we end up spending a lot of lesson time addressing things like jaw and tongue tension. 



The Singer’s Audition & Career Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the training, audition technique, and professional development essential for launching and sustaining a rewarding career in classical singing. Whether you are a young singer preparing for conservatory auditions, a professional opera singer, or an avocational singer seeking to improve your technique and pursue local performance opportunities, this book will help you take inventory of your skills and achieve the next stages of your musical journey.

We need YOUR singular, authentic, unleashed voice in this mad world. This book is here to encourage you to find YOUR way, in YOUR time, with YOUR voice... and to make clear the practical path so you can walk it in all your unadulterated glory! 

– Joyce DiDonato, multi Grammy Award–winning mezzo-soprano

Musicians of all kinds benefit from understanding the basics of how their instruments work. Complete Vocal Fitness: A Singer's Guide to Physical Training, Anatomy, and Biomechanics offers accessible descriptions of the fundamental components of vocal anatomy – laryngeal function, articulation and resonance – and serves as a a primer on sport-specific training for vocal athletes.

Claudia Friedlander has a deep understanding of the biomechanics of singing, and she does a beautiful job of explaining it to the rest of us. For singers and teachers looking for ways to improve vocal technique, her book is the perfect place to start. 

– Deborah Voigt, internationally renowned soprano

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that with commitment, excellent instruction, a well-structured practice regimen and a sense of humor, anyone can master singing technique.

Singing is movement. Singing technique breaks down into movement patterns that can be trained and habituated. Helping singers do this is my specialty – in fact, I wrote a book on the topic, Complete Vocal Fitness: A Singer’s Guide to Physical Training, Anatomy and Biomechanics, now widely in use in conservatory pedagogy classes. I’ve dedicated my career to developing a comprehensive method for optimizing vocal anatomy, alleviating excess tension, and perfecting coordination so that singers can become capable of doing anything they wish with their singing, with minimal effort and maximum confidence.

So if you’ve been finding some aspects of technique elusive, if you’d like your technique to feel more consistent and less effortful, or even if you always wanted to learn to sing but were told that you didn’t have the aptitude, come see me for a lesson. All levels of experience and all musical styles are welcome in my studio.


Voice Studio Consultation

Tell me a little about yourself and what you would like to explore with your singing!

I'll get in touch to schedule a time for us to chat.