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Claudia Friedlander, DMus 

Voice Teacher, Lecturer, Author



I’m a voice teacher with more than 20 years’ experience helping all kinds of singers master vocal technique. I can say with confidence: You can learn to sing! 

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My Teaching Philosophy


I believe that with commitment, excellent instruction, a well-structured practice regimen and a sense of humor, anyone can master singing technique.

Singing is movement. Singing technique breaks down into movement patterns that can be trained and habituated. Helping singers do this is my specialty – in fact, I wrote a book on the topic, Complete Vocal Fitness: A Singer’s Guide to Physical Training, Anatomy and Biomechanics, now widely in use in conservatory pedagogy classes. I’ve dedicated my career to developing a comprehensive method for optimizing vocal anatomy, alleviating excess tension, and perfecting coordination so that singers can become capable of doing anything they wish with their singing, with minimal effort and maximum confidence.

So if you’ve been finding some aspects of technique elusive, if you’d like your technique to feel more consistent and less effortful, or even if you always wanted to learn to sing but were told that you didn’t have the aptitude, come see me for a lesson. All levels of experience and all musical styles are welcome in my studio.

Work with Me

Voice Lessons

I am currently accepting new students. My studio includes singers of all skill levels and repertoire styles – what they have in common with one another is a commitment to the process and a desire to master technique in a comprehensive fashion. Students are welcome to schedule individual sessions or request a customized lesson package designed to meet overall goals. I teach through my private studio in New York City as well as online. Please get in touch if you would like more information. 

Workshops & Master Classes

I offer a variety of workshops, master classes and residencies focusing on vocal technique, singer fitness, and audition preparation. I have presented at conferences hosted by NATS, NYSTA, EVTA, the Voice Foundation, the Performing Arts Medicine Association, Opera America, and the National Opera Association, as well as for music departments throughout the United States and around the world. 

Sport-Specific Training

The best voice teacher in the world can only teach you to play the instrument you bring to their studio. Fortunately, the body is extraordinarily malleable! I have adapted principles of sports science to help singers optimize their physical instruments to improve alignment, breathing, stamina and physical stability. I'm certified by NASM as a fitness trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. 

Books & Resources

My Books

I wrote The Singer’s Audition & Career Handbook to provide a comprehensive guide to the training, audition technique, and professional development essential for launching and sustaining a rewarding career in classical singing. 

Musicians of all kinds benefit from understanding the basics of how their instruments work. Complete Vocal Fitness: A Singer's Guide to Physical Training, Anatomy, and Biomechanics offers accessible descriptions of the fundamental components of vocal anatomy – laryngeal function, articulation and resonance – and serves as a a primer on sport-specific training for vocal athletes. Detailed preview available here

Articulation for Singers online course

Because our speech habits are so ingrained, we end up spending a lot of lesson time addressing things like jaw and tongue tension. This self-study course provides tools to condition and coordinate your articulators so you can move easily and elegantly from sound to sound with consistent resonance when performing song and aria texts. This material is presented without prejudice for any particular approach to vocal technique. 

Video Tutorials

My YouTube channel features video tutorials and playlists focusing on individual aspects of technique and performance, such as breathing, registration and flexibility. I also post archives of my studio class live-streams. I welcome suggestions for topics viewers would like me to cover. 

My Blog

I launched my blog in 2010 in order to share information about vocal technique, fitness, and professional development. My posts are frequently cited online and in print, and select posts have been translated into French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The Liberated Voice averages more than 14,000 monthly views.

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Patreon is a crowdfunding platform designed for artists seeking subscription support for ongoing creative output. Tiered patronage levels for mine start at only $2 per month, so please consider supporting my projects. These include the ongoing creation of resources like YouTube singing tutorials and online instructional courses. My page is also designed to provide a virtual community for singers, an affordable way for beginners to learn singing technique, and valuable supplements for one-on-one lessons. If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, scroll down to the bottom of this post for an introduction. For a more detailed discussion of how I hope my Patreon will further my goal of making vocal education available and affordable, please read this blog post. If you prefer, you can make a one-time donation to support my ongoing projects via this link
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"The technical coordination you cultivate in the studio becomes artistically valuable only when it enables the translation of your ideas and feelings into sound. Vocalises serve to expand your range and enhance your skill at registration, but it is your ear that audiates and thereby tunes precise pitches and eliciting desired weight and dynamic levels from your vocal folds. Articulatory coordination and balanced resonance are developed through exercise and repetition, but it is through audiating each vowel and consonant that you activate the required anatomy needed to produce them. The characters you breathe life into, the narratives you weave, and the emotions you evoke must arise from creative impulse before they can be channeled through your voice."

from Complete Vocal Fitness: A Singer's Guide to Physical Training, Anatomy, and Biomechanics

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