Vocal Elementals: Guidelines & Policies


Welcome to The Liberated Voice

The study of singing is an empowering means of exploring creative impulses, expanding expressive potential, deepening self-awareness, and enhancing your connection to everyone around you.
Singing practice is most enjoyable and effective when engaged with:
  • A spirit of curiosity
  • An open mind
  • Appreciation for the way your mind and body develop and integrate new skills
Whatever your vocal goals, my aim is to support your learning process and evolving artistry. Your ease, comfort, and confidence are always my highest priority, whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced professional, or anywhere in between. 

Program Content & Structure

The Vocal Elementals program is a six- to eight-month sequence of 24 themed lesson modules.
Each module includes:
  • One-on-one voice lesson focusing on a specific aspect of singing technique
  • Supplemental video and reading resources
  • Practice recommendations
  • Ongoing support for practice and study in between lessons.
Enrollment in this program also includes access to my Vocal Fundamentals multimedia online course.
Throughout the program, you will:
  • Explore all elements of singing technique in depth
  • Learn to integrate these elements¬†together
  • Develop both a conceptual and practical understanding of how to apply the skills covered in the program to your ongoing practice
  • Develop strategies and resources to support your ongoing progress after you complete the program.
While the essential content and structure will be the same for all program participants, the overall sequence as well as individual modules will be customized in collaboration with each student, informed by your interests, the musical styles you most enjoy, your level of expertise, and any specific goals you may have.
You will be assigned a recurring weekly lesson time; each week. I'll check in 48 hours in advance of your scheduled time to ask if you are ready to move on or would like an additional week to work with the material covered in the most recent module. However, all modules must be completed within eight months of starting the program in order promote retention and ensure that each lesson builds upon the last.


Program Requirements

The single most important requirement for participating in the Vocal Elementals program is your sustained commitment to the process throughout the program. Most of your discovery and progress during your own exploration of the material in between your lessons, rather than during them, so it's important to establish an effective structure that you look forward to following. Plan to structure regular practice and study time into your schedule each week. I will help you design a schedule that works well for you and keeps your commitment of time and energy manageable, and the overall structure of the program allows for flexibility to help you stay on track.
This is a collaborative process:
  • I offer my expertise to help you condition and coordinate your voice
  • Your perceptions and priorities continuously inform how that expertise is applied.
Your success in and enjoyment of the program also depend upon a willingness to share your observations and provide feedback during your lessons. Your experience of your own voice and your goals for your singing are what matter most, so frank communication is essential for me to fully support your process.
We can meet either in person or online via Zoom for your lessons. You will need a few simple tools in order to practice the exercises recommended throughout the program (e.g. small massager, resistance band), so I will help you take inventory of what you already have and may wish to acquire during your first lesson.
If you plan to meet with me online, we will need to ensure that your audio equipment and internet connection are equal to the task, and I will happily provide recommendations if an upgrade is called for. We'll have an opportunity to discuss this during your initial consultation.

Schedule & Fees

The program begins with a complimentary initial Zoom chat. Please use this link to schedule a consultation.
After our conversation, you will be invited to schedule your first lesson, which will serve as a two-way assessment:
  • An opportunity for me to explore your voice and how you use it, and
  • An opportunity for you to learn more about my teaching and receive whatever information will help you confirm that this program is for you.
If you decide to enroll, fees and payment options are as detailed below; if you decide that this is not the right time to commit to the full program, you will pay for the single lesson at my regular drop-in rate.
Students will be assigned a recurring weekly lesson time. Please allot at least one hour for your lesson‚ÄĒlessons are scheduled for 60 minutes, with some padding to make sure we cover all of the exercises¬†in each module.
Payment Options: 


If you have any questions about the Vocal Elementals program or these policies, please email me.