Sing with consistent resonance and beautiful, intelligible diction.

This course will teach you to release jaw and tongue tension, refine vowels, and produce consonants with ease and clarity. 


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Whether you're a voice student, a teacher or a diction coach, your lessons and classes will be more valuable and enjoyable when you are able to devote more time to technique and artistry and less to things like jaw and tongue tension. This course will help you address common, persistent problems in the practice room so you no longer have to in the studio.

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A Ballet Class for Your Mouth

Ballet dancers continually habituate the five fundamental foot positions. Singers must habituate the fundamental positions and movements that our jaws, tongues, lips and soft palates must learn for full resonance and expressive diction.


Discover how your song and aria texts can improve, rather than interfere with your technique and beauty of sound.

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Articulation for Singers

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